What we believe


As a school community based on the Gospel message, our teaching efforts and concerns focus on the spiritual, moral, and intellectual growth of the students. We consider it our responsibility to assist parents/guardians in developing the whole child for Christian living.

Students are unique individuals. We promote an atmosphere conducive to inspiring students to recognize and attain their goals through the development of their God-given talents and abilities.

We strongly urge parent/guardian and community cooperation and support in our spiritual and educational endeavors.


The vision of Holy Trinity Catholic School is the development of Catholic values through prayer, learning, and stewardship towards the Church and world community. Our accredited school promotes academic excellence, fosters leadership, and instills the values embraced by our Catholic faith.


As people of God brought together from several parishes, we at Holy Trinity Catholic School offer an opportunity to live our faith commitment in an atmosphere based on the Gospel message. Called by the Holy Spirit to true stewardship, we share our time, talent, and resources to work for a better quality Catholic education for all.